How to find the coins youre looking for—right now.

Introducing Whitman Compass™

Have you ever looked at a busy Bourse floor at a coin expo and wondered which of 1,000 dealers has the coins you want most?

Finally, theres a solution.

Introducing Whitman Compass™—the innovative but easy-to-use new tool that helps you go straight to the dealers who have the coins or currency youre looking for right now.

Heres how Whitman Compass™ works:

Top dealers who attend coin shows and have a sterling reputation are invited to enter their inventory into the Compass database before the expo begins.

Then, you can visit (in advance or at the expo) and enter the coins you are most interested in. Whitman Compass™ gives you a list of dealers who have the coin and their table locations. When you can walk onto the Bourse floor, you know exactly which booths to visit first.

The official debut of the new Whitman Compass™ will in the days just prior to and throughout this years Whitman Philadelphia Expo (September 15-17). But you can preview this new tool today and throughout the Baltimore Expo (June 16-19, 2011).

To get started, just pick from among the familiar Red Book coin classifications.

And, once youve experienced it, give us the benefit of your thoughts and feedback, so we can make sure Whitman Compass™ helps you find the coins you need.

Together, we can write the next chapter in the history of coin collecting.

If youre a Whitman Expo coin dealer (or want to be), click on DEALERS to learn how you can join this exciting new program.

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